General Screen Navigation

The best way to navigate through the fields is to use the tab key or move the mouse and click. Pressing the “Enter” key does not complete that function, it goes to the next line in that field.

You will see on the middle top the screen you can Search for a appraisal by a keyword or phrase.  Searching here searches all text fields of the appraisals.

Left Navigation Pane – Appraisal Level

This feature is to aid in moving quickly in the software.  This is an appraisal listing and search capability by appraisal number or start date.  You can add a new appraisal or view all appraisals from this navigation pane.

You have the ability to collapse to this listing to make the typing area larger for inputting data.  To minimize this pane, click in the upper right corner on the left arrow.

Left Navigation Pane – Object Level

On the object level, which is found under the Objects Tab, you can see the listings of the object in this appraisal and click on them from the list any time to go to that object.  Clicking on the left arrow in upper right corner minimizes this pane.