Software for Appraisers

Easy Setup

Our team works with you to ensure your appraisal reporting software setup goes smoothly.  Once your software in configured, we provide personalized training to get you and your team up and running quickly

Live Training

Included with your software subscription, we schedule and provide in-person training. We start with basic report creation training and follow-up with advanced training.  This allows your team to focus on tasks related to valuation research and writing quality descriptions.

Total Support

All Collectorpro software products include email, telephone, and a client-only searchable knowledgebase with with videos and white papers. Current customers can Click here to sign up for the customers only support site.

The idea for software for creating appraisal reports came from a Collectorpro customer that was using our software for antique stores.  We received a call one day back in 2003 and asked if we can modify our antique dealer software to create appraisal reports.  We created our first version of Collectorpro Appraiser software in 2004 and the rest is great history. Many appraisers using Collectorpro Appraiser software tell us how much time it saved them and how they are able to grow their business.

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Collectorpro Appraiser V7 Software

Collectorpro Appraiser software is designed for Professional Personal Property Appraisers to create professional USPAP compliant appraisal reports for their clients faster than using a word processor or other tools. Collectorpro Appraiser V7 gives the appraiser more production time by taking care of many of the tasks that are not typically billable to the buyer of the appraisal report.

How does Collectorpro Appraiser Software do this?

You can enter the object and comparable object information in a fill in the blanks manner, add any images, and with a few clicks the numbering, page formatting, table of contents, glossary, bibliography, and value total calculations are complete and ready to print or electronically send.

Features of Collectorpro Appraiser V7

Create unlimited number of appraisal reports in a variety of formats
Create objects and their information by filling in the blanks
Clone an object to as many more objects as you wish
Built in spell check with dictionary
Enter set details for objects that are a set of items (like silverware, fine china, etc)
Include unlimited comparables with images for each object
Nine report formats to choose from to fit different client report requirements
Up to five user defined valuation types per appraisal report
Use your own, or client, numbering, or automatic object numbering
Customize the field labels to be what you need for each appraisal report
Define your own object categories and subcategories
Include a USPAP Certification report section with electronic signature to insure compliance with USPAP requirements
Include a summary values by category and subcategory
Include a custom glossary with only the terms used in this report
Include a custom artist/maker bio with the report
Include a custom bibliography with the report
Include a table of contents with the report
Include a scope of work document in the report
Plus much much more..

Collectorpro Appraiser V7 Pricing

Collectorpro Appraiser V7- Subscription
Collectorpro Appraiser subscription is $159.00 per month, per user, with a one time $199.00 setup fee and no long term commitment.   Unlimited appraisal workfiles and support and training are included in the monthly subscription price. Use the button below to use our secure checkout for the $199 initial setup and we will setup your monthly subscription after training.

*Collectorpro Appraiser V7 is available to any internet connected PC, Chromebook, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.