Appraisal Report

CollectorproOnline allows the attachment of cover and addendum documents to each appraisal. If attached they will be included in the report that is downloaded on request. Cover and Addendum documents are created in your Word processor and can include any documents you wish to include in the report.  Typically these are transmittal and cover documents, certification document, CV or profile, additional images, and more.

Report Section Order

The order of the report sections in the report are in this order:

  1. Cover Document (if used)
  2. Summary Totals by Chapter (if chapters used)
  3. Summary Totals to Category (if categories used)
  4. Summary Totals to SubCategory (if subcategories used)
  5. Addendum Document (if used)

How to add Cover and Addendum documents

  1. Click on Appraisals at the top
  2. Click the Appraisal ID for the Appraisal you wish to add a Cover or Addendum document to.
  3. Click the Browse button next to Cover or Addendum and navigate to the folder where your cover and/or addendum are stored on your computer.  Click the file (must be a Word document) and Click the Open button.
  4. Click the Save button to save the changes


Cover and Addendum Documentsc