Object Images

Each object may have up to 6 images directly attached to the object along with a caption for each image.

To add/edit object images open the Appraisal and click on the Objects tab. Either click Add Object or click an existing Object ID to open an existing object.

Click on the tab 3 – Images (any existing images attached to the current object will be displayed).

Add an Image to an Object

  1. Click the Browse button and navigate to the folder on your computer where you have the images stored
  2. Click on the desired image file
  3. Click the Open button (the image will be displayed)
  4. Enter the image caption (optional)
  5. Click the Upload button
  6. Repeat for up to 6 objects
  7. When finished click the Add to Object List button to save the object changes to the Object list
  8. When done adding and editing Objects click the Save button to save the new Objects and edited Objects


Object Images