Inviting New Users

To invite a new user:

  • Click on Administration on the navigation bar.
  • Click on Users.
  • Click the Invite User button in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the users first and last name and email address and click the Send button. If you change your mind before clicking the send button, simply click the Cancel button.

The new user receives an email with a link to either accept or reject the invite.  If the user accepts the invite, they are redirected to the CollectorproOnline registration page, and you are sent an email to confirm that the new user has accepted your invitation.  They will need to complete the registration form by entering their name, email, and telephone, etc.  When complete, their username and password are created, and they will have access to CollectorproOnline.  Additionally, CollectorproOnline support staff is notified, and the new user is contacted, along with the Company Admin, to schedule training.

If the new user rejects the invitation, you are sent an email notification that the invite has been rejected.  You may want to reach out to the new user personally to confirm their choice.  If a rejection was made by accident and you need to reinvite them, you will need to reach out to the CollectorproOnline support staff at, so they can reset the invite information.