About Us

Collectorpro Software has been providing software to the art and antique industries since 1992.  The idea of Collectorpro Appraiser software came to us in 2003 when one of our long time customers called and asked if we can modify our software for antique dealers to create appraisal reports.  After identifying the needs and developing the first version of Collectorpro Appraiser software in 2004, we have been leading the industry in providing software that makes appraisers more productive.

18 years later we are still enhancing our software based on feedback as the appraising profession continues to grow and thrive.

Active in antiques and collecting over four decades.  Linda Hiatt is passionate about her industry.  Previously in the automotive accounting and management world acquiring the best training from General Motors.

In the beginning Collectorpro was the invention that satisfied the need of cataloging her weekend estate and yard sale obsession.  When unable to locate a product to assist her with cataloging her collections, she turned to her highly-technical partner and spouse, Brian, who wrote software for her.  Recognizing not only the benefits to her, but the opportunity to help other collectors as well, she and Brian decided in 1992 to place an ad in Maine Antique Digest. Capitalizing on Brian’s Internet expertise, they placed Collectorpro on the web and began the marketing process.

Quickly growing into a satisfying, successful business that enables collectors throughout the world to store images, history and values.  Collectorpro has been reviewed in National publications several times and featured on television programs.

Involved not only with collectors, other clients include, Personal Property Appraisers for ISA, ASA and AAA organizations, art and auction galleries, museums, and artists worldwide.  Longtime art admirer Linda says “The contributions to scholarships within our industries are key to our success and the future of art for us all.”

Currently the CEO of Collectorpro Software, Inc., 30 years later Linda co-leads the sales, marketing, financial and product development.

Brian Hiatt is an information technology and business leader with over 20 years’ professional experience.   Currently the CIO of Collectorpro Software, Inc., Brian leads the Information Technology services arm of Collectorpro Software and of AppraiserCore.

Brian’s extensive experience in software product design and development has allowed Collectorpro Software to be an industry leader for over 15 years. Brian has a passion for providing information technology services that add real value to a company and its ability to lead in their industry.

His professional work includes leading enterprise technology and transformation initiatives as Chief Information Officer of public and private companies.  He has published several articles on information technology transformation and is a respected leader in the industry and a holder of several IT certifications from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services

Brian’s is an expert in technology for the art and antiques communities and as such provides through Collectorpro Software and AppraiserCore, services that add genuine value to personal property appraisers, collectors, insurance companies, and lenders.