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CollectorproOnline is the premier personal property appraisal report writing tool.   CollectorproOnline is accessible from any internet connected browser.  It allow you to create appraisal reports, insert cover and addendum documents and produces an editible Word document for you to send to the report recipient.



Your appraisal work file including the appraisal information, valuation types, start date, end date, and inspection date.


The item(s) that a valuation is assigned to.  Objects may be sets or groupings of multiple items or a single item.

Object Images

Digital image files of the objects that are being appraised.

Object Comparables

Comparable objects to the object being appraised.  Usually used to support the valuation assigned to the object being appraised.  Each object in CollectorpoOnline can have an unlimited number of comparables that can be selected to print, or not print on the appraisal report.


Any user that has access to the CollectorproOnline application.  Users can be Company Administrators or Appraisers.  See the User Roles help section for a description of the roles and what each role has the ability to do.

User Roles

There are two user roles within CollectorproOnline

Company Administrators – Can access and use all features and functions within the software.

Appraisers – Can access and use all features and functions within the software except Users, Administration, and Category, Subcategory, and Chapter Maintenance.



General Screen Navigation

The best way to navigate through the fields is to use the tab key or move the mouse and click. Pressing the “Enter” key does not complete that function, it goes to the next line in that field.

You will see on the middle top the screen you can Search for a appraisal by a keyword or phrase.  Searching here searches all text fields of the appraisals.

Left Navigation Pane – Appraisal Level

This feature is to aid in moving quickly in the software.  This is a appraisal listing and search capability by appraisal number or start date.  You can add a new appraisal or view all appraisals from this navigation pane.

You have the ability to collapse to this listing to make the typing area larger for inputting data.  To minimize this pane click in the upper right corner on the left arrow.

Left Navigation Pane – Object Level

On the object level, which is found under the Objects Tab, you can see the listings of the object in this appraisal and click on them from the list any time to go to that object.  Clicking on the left arrow in upper right corner minimizes this pane.

Appraisal List

The appraisal list is also the Home page or start page for the application after logging in.  The appraisal list is a list of all appraisals in the software.

Appraisal List

Appraisal List Screen Details

Search Keyword Field– Allows searching for any word or phrase contained in any appraisal.  For example if you enter “test” in the Search Keyword field, the appraisal list will be filtered to show only appraisals with the word “test” in any appraisal field.  Note:  This keyword search does not search any fields on the objects or comparables.  See the Objects topic for more information.

Show my Appraisals Checkbox – Will filter the appraisal list to show only appraisals where the current logged in user is assigned as the Primary Appraiser on the appraisal screen.  This is useful to show just your appraisals if needed.

Refresh – Clicking the refresh icon refresh icon will refresh the appraisal list.  This is useful if another user has created appraisals and they have not yet appeared in the list.

Appraisal List Heading – The appraisal list heading can be used to sort the appraisal list by any of the columns shown.  Clicking the column name in the list heading will sort the list, clicking the column name again will sort the list the opposite way.  A small ^ is shown next to the column name indicates which sort has been selected.

appraisal list heading

Appraisal List Heading Checkbox – Checking this box will select all appraisals in the current list and present an option to delete the selected appraisals.  This is useful to delete multiple appraisals at the same time.

appraisal list checkbox

Create Appraisal Button – Use this button to start a new appraisal workfile.

create appraisal button

Download Report Button – Use this button to create and download the appraisal report to a Word document format.  See the Appraisal Report topic for more information.

download report button

How to get Support

Support for CollectorproOnline is available Monday through Friday between 8am and 5pm central time.
Telephone – 972.908.3964
Click here to submit a support request online.