Name Description Downloads
This document describes important information and setting changes that may be needed if you use Microsoft OneDrive to backup your Windows PC 0 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser V7 - Excel import Objects Requirements
This excel file is the layout required to import objects into Collectorpro Appraiser V7 0 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition-How to re-link images
If you copied your images to a new computer or changed the folder they are in after then are attached to objects, comparables, more, and addendum images, the image links may be broken. This white paper will explain how to re-link the images and some of the conditions and limitations to be considered. 349 downloads
This comma separated values (csv) file is an example of the format required to import glossary terms and definitions into Collectorpro Appraiser Edition 452 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition-Glossary Library
This document explains how the custom glossary feature and the glossary library work. 324 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition Report Descriptions Part 2 of 2
Document 2 of 2 with report descriptions and sample reports 229 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition Report Descriptions Part 1 of 2
Document 1 of 2 with report descriptions and sample reports 236 downloads
Instructions on how to update Collectorpro Appraiser Edition Multi User to the latest version 209 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition -Where is my data stored

Explains where Collectorpro stores data on your computer. This is very useful for moving to another computer or for backing up your data to a backup device or service.

Description of Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Cloud version. 222 downloads

Collectorpro has powerful merge capabilities that can save significant time creating cover and addendum documents. This document lists the merge codes available to insert data from the appraisal into the documents automatically.

Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Issue: Print is Cutoff Around Edges of Report
The user prints a report from Collectorpro Appraiser Edition and the print is cutoff, usually on the top and/or bottom margins. 362 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - How to move Pictures from one Computer to Another

Moving your appraisal data to another computer? This document explains how to move the image files and have them re-link to objects and comparables.


If you are seeing an OLE error when starting Collectorpro after installation or upgrade you can use the instructions in this document to fix this.

If you are receiving an error like loFTP not found when checking for updates or downloading latest report formats, you can follow the instructions in this document to fix. 361 downloads

This document explains how to save an appraisal report to be delivered electronically.


Collectorpro Appraiser Edition has very flexible object numbering capabilities. This document is a must read for all appraisers using Collectorpro.


Having trouble with attached images orientation being incorrect? This document explains how Windows handles image orientation and explains options to fix.


Provides information about how to import objects into Collectorpro

Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Excel Import Field Layout

This document is an example of the object import layout columns needed to import objects into Collectorpro Appraiser Edition.

Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Cloud - How to Connect from an iPad
This document explains how to connect to Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Cloud from an iPad 197 downloads
Collectorpro Appraiser Edition - Best Practices for Picture Locations

This document explains best practices for organizing your appraisal image files.