The list below may help you decide if Collectorpro software in the cloud or installed version is best for your needs.  Please contact us with any questions.

PlatformCloud, Software as a Service. PC, Mac, iPad, Android TabletInstalled - Windows
AccessibilityAnywhere with an internet connection from a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.Only on the computer Collectorpro software is installed.
FlexibilityAdd and remove additional users that can access Collectorpro Software.Cannot add additional users.
SecurityAll data is encrypted at rest an in transit.Encryption if enabled on the Windows PC.
Price/ CostPay monthly, no large up front investment and a 30 day cancellation.Larger up front license cost.
SupportTechnical support included in monthly price.Annual support agreement and payment required to receive technical support.
TrainingIncluded for as long as the subscription is active.Included for the first year. Included in annual support agreement after the first year.
Software UpdatesAll software updates are included in monthly price.All software updates included if there is an annual support agreement in effect.
DataData is stored in a single location.Data may be stored on multiple computers and transferred back and forth as needed.
ProtectionAll data is backed up to secure encrypted off site .storageBackup of data left to the user.