Collectorpro Collection Edition

Collectorpro Collection Edition is software designed to inventory collections or any other inventory. The software can track object information along with images of each object. Collectorpro Collection Edition is designed to be simple and easy to use. The software makes preparing collection reports easy and quick.

Features of Collectorpro Collection Edition

  • Enter item value and cost
  • Enter item information in 24 fields
  • Attach and view multi-media with each object
  • Attach and store images of the objects with each object
  • Store and print images with each object in the collection
  • Store and print images not associated with any object
  • Group objects by category, subcategory, and location
  • Print Collection Reports with or without images
  • Spell check included
  • Objects are automatically numbered in sequential order
  • Enter and track expenses

Computer Requirements

Collectorpro Collection Edition software runs on any computer using the Windows operating system or available in a cloud version that is accessible from any internet connected Windows PC, Mac, iPad, or Android tablet.

Not sure of Collectorpro software for cloud or Collectorpro Software installed is best for your needs?

Click here for a comparison of benefits of each. If any questions, please contact us.

Evaluation Version Available – Click the Download button below

Download Collectorpro Collection Edition Evaluation




Collectorpro Collection Edition Cloud is $149 one time setup and $49 per month per named user and includes training, support, and updates.  Click the Add to Cart button below to use our secure checkout.

Collectorpro Collection Edition Installed on your computer is $199.00 and includes 1 year of training, support, and updates.  After the first year the annual support and updates is $49 per year. Click the Add to Cart button below to use our secure checkout.