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Corporate Art Co

Holly A. Hackwith ISA AM

Holly Hackwith has been appraising fine art for over 20 years, and is an accredited ISA AM member. The resulting appraisal document with Holly’s unbiased, independent opinion of value is accepted by all insurance companies, the Internal Revenue Service and courts for division of property. The initial appraisal will be an investment to ensure that your valuable objects are fully protected and/or accounted for.

Appraisals Available For:
• Insurance
• Charitable Donations
• Equitable Estate Distribution
• Divorce
• Bankruptcy
• Asset Management

Do you wonder if you have a valuable treasure or sentimental treasure? I have the resources and education to give an appraisal judgment that will inspire confidence and clarify the direction to take. As an accredited ISA art appraiser, my work is accepted by the IRS, for court proceedings and estate settlement.

Omaha, NE